The Planet of Galun is treacherous — acid seas, raging storms, and strange beasts harrow those living there. Even so, adventurers from neighboring moons brave Galun’s dangers, seeking valuable minerals and striving for domination through technological prowess.

While warring factions of mineral-seekers vie to control the skies, a pirate adventurer — Larion Razorian — harnesses a superior form of energy: nuclear fission. Instantly the most powerful man on Galun, all eyes rest on Larion.

In Wild Skies, the cooperative VR game we are currently developing for the Holodeck platform, two players play as Larion’s two children, Zendair and Serai. They must learn to pilot their father’s nuclear-powered airship through an exotic world of floating islands and dangerous storms, while fending off religious fanatics, oppressive governments, and vicious pirates to protect their family. So begins a voyage in a World of Wild Skies.

Gameplay Features

Play in Three Dimensions: Movements in real-life are accurately translated and represented in game world.

Perform Real Actions: Pull swords from your back and guns from your hip. Shoot and swashbuckle invading pirates off your deck.

Explore a Vast World: Pilot a flying airship through the skies. Climb through clouds, nose-dive into caverns, and battle enemy ships with cannons and turrets.

Virtual Reality with Motion Control: Motion tracking in a full three dimensional play zone, combined with peripheral vision in the Oculus Rift, and deep narrative and engaging interactions, provide a lifelike virtual experience like never before.

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