Are you the proud owner of a pair of Anker earbuds? If so, chances are you want to know how to connect them to your MP3 player. Luckily, pairing these two devices is a straightforward process. With just a few steps, you can be streaming your favorite songs in no time!

Step 1: Power On and Connect

The first step is the simplest—turn on both your Anker earbuds and your MP3 player. Most Anker earbud models should automatically enter pairing mode, but if not, refer to the instructions that came with your particular model. Now press the “connect” or “pairing” button on the side of your MP3 player and wait for it to search for nearby Bluetooth devices. Once it finds your Anker earbuds, select them from the list and follow any additional prompts on the screen.

Step 2: Activate Bluetooth Audio Mode

Once you’ve connected your Anker earbuds and MP3 player via Bluetooth, you need to switch over to audio mode in order for sound to transmit. To do this, navigate back over to the Bluetooth settings on your MP3 player. You should now see an option labeled “audio mode” or “A2DP” (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile). Select this option and then press play on whatever song or playlist you want to listen to—you should now hear audio coming through your Anker earbuds!

Step 3: Adjust Audio Settings as Desired

Finally, if needed, adjust any audio settings on both your Anker earbuds and MP3 player as desired. For example, some models may allow you to customize the sound balance between left and right channels or increase/decrease bass levels depending on what type of music you are playing. Refer back to either manual for specific instructions about adjusting audio settings for each device


Connecting Anker earbuds with an MP3 player is easy once you know how—and now that you do know how, there’s no reason why you can’t start listening today! Whether it’s music from Spotify or Apple Music, streaming audiobooks from Audible or podcasts from Podbean, now that you’ve got everything set up properly all that’s left is deciding what sounds best in your ears. Enjoy!


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