If you’re an owner of Anker earbuds and a PS4 fan, you may be wondering how to connect your earbuds to your console. It’s actually quite simple, but it may take some troubleshooting before you get everything connected. Here’s a quick guide on how to get your Anker earbuds working with your PS4 console. 

Step 1: Connect the Bluetooth Transmitter to Your TV 

The first step is connecting the Bluetooth transmitter to the audio output port on your TV or monitor. Depending on the model of your TV or monitor, this might look like an HDMI port or a 3.5 mm jack audio port (often labeled “headphone”). Then connect the other end of the transmitter into a USB power source—this can be done through either an available wall outlet or one of the USB ports on your console itself. This will allow the transmitter to send out wireless signals that can be picked up by wireless receivers, such as Anker earbuds. 

Step 2: Pair Your Earbuds With the Transmitter 

Once you have connected and powered up the Bluetooth transmitter, it’s time to pair it with your Anker earbuds. Make sure they are charged and turned on before beginning this process. To begin pairing, open up the Bluetooth settings menu on your console and start scanning for nearby devices. Once you see “Anker” listed in this menu, select it and then wait for it to complete pairing before moving onto step 3. 

Step 3:       

Adjust Audio Settings   Once you have paired both devices, go ahead and adjust any necessary audio settings within the Settings > Sound and Screen > Audio Output Settings menu on your console. In most cases this should already be set up properly for use with Anker earbuds, but double check just in case! From here you should now be able to hear all sound coming through from games and movies directly from your Anker earbuds without having any wires getting in the way!


Now that you know how to connect Anker earbuds to a PS4 console, you can finally enjoy all of that amazing gaming audio without having cables running everywhere! Keep in mind though that if you ever want to switch back over to using wired headphones again with your PS4, simply disconnect them from their power source before plugging them back into one of its jacks located at either side of its controller ports. Now that you know how easy it is to connect Anker earbuds wirelessly with a PS4 console, go ahead and start enjoying all of those immersive gaming experiences!


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