If you’ve recently bought the new iPhone 13, you may be wondering how to connect your beloved Anker earbuds. It’s a great way to listen to music, podcasts, and audio books without being distracted or annoyed by background noise. But before you can enjoy your favorite tunes, let’s go over how to connect your Anker earbuds with your iPhone 13. 

How to Connect Your Anker Earbuds to iPhone 13 

The first step is plugging in the Anker charging cable into the bottom of your device and an available power outlet. Once that’s done, turn on the Bluetooth feature on your phone so you can connect it with other devices. After that, press and hold the power button on your earbuds until they enter pairing mode. Then, select “Anker” from the list of available Bluetooth devices in order for them to sync up with your phone. 

Once connected, you should notice a sound come from both earbuds signifying that they are now paired together. Now you can use them just as you would any other set of headphones or earphones. You can also adjust their settings in the “Settings” app under “Bluetooth” if necessary; this is where you will find options such as noise cancelling control, equalizer settings, and volume control.     

If at any point during this process things don’t seem to be working properly or if you have any trouble connecting the two devices together, try restarting both the Anker earbuds and your device (iPhone 13). This should help resolve most issues related to connectivity.


When it comes time for a new phone upgrade or switching brands completely, it doesn’t have to mean ditching all of our wireless accessories too! With a few simple steps we can ensure that our Anker earbuds stay connected with our iPhones so we can continue enjoying our favorite tunes without interruption! We hope this guide has been helpful in showing how easy it is to connect Anker Earbuds with an iPhone 13! If not hopefully restarting both devices will do the trick! Enjoy!


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