You just got your new Audio-Technica earbuds, and you’re ready to start listening to your favorite tunes on your iPhone 11. But, you may be wondering how to connect your earbuds so you can enjoy high-quality sound. Connecting Audio-Technica earbuds is easy; this blog post will walk you through the process step by step. 

Step 1: Turn On Bluetooth 

The first thing you will need to do is turn on Bluetooth on your phone. To do this, go into Settings > Bluetooth and make sure that the switch next to Bluetooth is turned on. Once it is, you should see a list of available devices that you can connect with. 

Step 2: Turn On The Earbuds 

Once you have turned on Bluetooth, turn on the earbuds by pressing and holding the power button located on the right side of each earpiece for 3 seconds until the LED light turns blue or green (depending on which model of earbud). Now, both sides of your earbuds should be in pairing mode. 

Step 3: Select “Audio-Technica” from Available Devices List 

Once your Audio-Technica earbuds are in pairing mode, select “Audio-Technica” from the list of available devices displayed in the Bluetooth settings menu in your phone. You should then see a notification that says “Connected” when the connection has been successful.                

Step 4: Enjoy Your Music!

Finally, enjoy your music! You now have access to high quality audio delivered directly from your phone through wireless headphones – no wires required! And if you ever need help connecting or disconnecting any other audio accessories, our support team is here for all of your audio needs 24/7! 


If you want to start enjoying high quality sound without having to deal with cords and wires getting in the way then connecting Audio-Technica earbuds with an iPhone 11 is easy! With just a few simple steps outlined above, you’ll be able to start streaming music wirelessly within minutes and take full advantage of all that today’s technology has to offer. Thanks for reading and happy listening!


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