Whether you’re on a Zoom call for work, school, or just to chat with friends and family, you want the audio quality of your call to be as crisp and clear as possible. Fortunately, it’s not hard to connect your Audio-Technica earbuds to Zoom, and once you do, you’ll enjoy an even better sound than before. Read on to learn how! 

Step 1: Open Your Settings in Zoom 

The first step is to open up the settings menu in your Zoom app. You can find this by clicking the gear icon in the upper right corner of your main screen. This will bring you into the settings menu that contains various options for customizing your experience. 

Step 2: Select “Audio” from The Left Sidebar 

Once you’re in the settings menu, select “audio” from the left sidebar. This will take you into a page with several different audio-related options that let you customize how audio works during your calls. Scroll down until you see the dropdown menu labeled “speaker.”  

Step 3: Change Your Speaker Option to “Headphones (ATR3350iS)” 

The speaker option should be set to “computer audio” by default. To change this so that Zoom recognizes your Audio-Technica earbuds, click on the dropdown menu and select “headphones (ATR3350iS).” This will ensure that all of your audio is routed through your headphones instead of being sent out over speakers or through other output devices connected to your computer or device. 

Step 4: Test Out Your Headphones! 

Once you’ve saved this setting, try making a test call or joining an existing one! You should immediately hear a difference in sound quality as all of the audio from both sides of the call is now coming through your headphones instead of out of a speaker system or other device connected to your computer or device. Enjoy!  


With just four easy steps, you can easily connect your Audio-Technica earbuds to Zoom and enjoy crisper sound quality during all of your video calls! Whether it’s for work meetings, classes, or just chatting with friends and family, these steps will make sure that everyone sounds crystal clear every time—all thanks to connecting those handy little earbuds with ease. So go ahead and give it a try – happy calling!


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