Looking for an easy way to use your Beats earbuds with your Garmin watch? You’ve come to the right place! Connecting your earbuds to your watch isn’t as hard as you may think. In fact, it’s pretty simple once you know how. Let’s get started!  

Step 1:

Make sure that both your Beats earbuds and your Garmin watch are fully charged and powered on. Now, on your watch, go into the Bluetooth settings. This will typically be in the Settings menu of your watch’s interface. 

Step 2:

Toggle Bluetooth on in the settings menu if it is not already on. Next, select “Add Bluetooth device” and press enter or tap confirm when prompted. Your watch will now begin searching for any nearby devices that are ready to pair. 

Step 3:

Once you have located your Beats earbuds in the list of available devices, select them and press confirm or enter again. Depending on which specific model of Beats earbuds you own, they may require a passcode or PIN code at this point in order to complete the pairing process. If so, enter this code onto the keypad of your watch and hit confirm one last time. 


Congratulations—you have just successfully connected your Beats earbuds to your Garmin watch! With just a few quick steps, you can now enjoy music, audio books, podcasts, and more directly from your wrist whenever you please—no wires necessary! What are you waiting for? Get out there and start listening!


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