The Apple iPhone 7 is an amazing device, and the Beats by Dre earbuds are a great way to enhance your experience. But how do you connect your earbuds to your iPhone? It turns out that it’s not as complicated as it may seem! In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the steps of connecting your Beats earbuds to your iPhone 7. 

Step One: Power On Your Earbuds 

Before you can connect your Beats earbuds to your iPhone, you need to make sure that they are powered on. The power button is located on the back of the left earbud. Press and hold the power button for three seconds or until the LED indicator light turns green. Once the indicator light is green, you can move on to step two. 

Step Two: Put Your Earbuds into Pairing Mode 

Now that your earbuds are powered on, you need to put them into pairing mode so that they will be discoverable by your iPhone 7. To do this, press and hold the power button for five seconds until the LED indicator light flashes white/blue. This indicates that your earbuds are now in pairing mode. 

Step Three: Connect Your Earbuds with Your Phone 

Once your earbuds have been placed into pairing mode, you can begin connecting them with your phone. Go to Settings > Bluetooth > Select “Beats” from list of devices. If prompted, enter “0000” as a passcode (this is a universal passcode when trying to connect Bluetooth devices). Once connected, you should see a check mark next to “Beats” indicating it has been successfully paired with your device. You can now use your Beats headphones with your iPhone 7!                   


That’s all there is too it; just three simple steps and you’re ready to go! Connecting Beats by Dre headphones with an iPhone 7 doesn’t have to be difficult; with this guide in hand, anyone can do it in no time at all! Enjoy listening music with high quality sound through these headphones and make good memories while doing so!


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