Are you the proud owner of a pair of beyerdynamic headphones but not sure how to get them connected to your Amazon Fire tablet? You’re in luck! We’ll walk you through the easy steps so that you can start enjoying music, podcasts, and audiobooks on your new headphones. 

Step One: Buy an Auxiliary Cable 

In order to connect your beyerdynamic headphones to your Amazon Fire tablet, you will need an auxiliary cable. This is a wire with two connectors on either end; one connector plugs into the headphone port on the side of your Fire tablet, and the other plug connects into the 3.5mm audio jack at the bottom of your beyerdynamic headphones.  

If you don’t already have an auxiliary cable lying around, don’t worry – they are easy to find online or in most electronics stores. Just make sure you get one that matches up with what we described above – it should have two 3.5mm jacks at either end (also known as ‘mini-phone plugs’). 

Step Two: Plug in Your Headphones 

Once you have acquired an auxiliary cable, it’s time to connect your beyerdynamic headphones to your Amazon Fire tablet! First, plug one end of the auxiliary cable into the headphone port on the side of your device. Then take the other end of the cable and plug it into the 3.5mm audio jack located at bottom of your headset. It should fit securely and snugly into place. Now all that is left is for you to turn up those tunes!  

When connecting any device via wires like this, it never hurts to double check that everything has been plugged in correctly before turning things on. That way if there is something wrong with your connection, you can address it before activating anything and avoid causing any damage or harm to yourself or any equipment involved. 

Step Three: Enjoy Music From Your Beyerdynamic Headphones! 

Now that everything is connected properly and securely, turn up those tunes! To adjust sound levels and access more settings on your device when listening with headphones like these (such as access equalizer settings), simply open up Sound Settings from within Settings > Devices > Sound & vibration > Sound settings > Advanced sound settings > Music effect from within your device’s operating system menu. Here, you can also adjust sound levels according to personal preference – just remember not to crank them too high!  


Congratulations – now that you know how simple it is to connect beyerdynamic headphones directly with an Amazon Fire tablet using just an auxiliary cable, there’s no reason not enjoy music in crystal-clear quality! Enjoy exploring all that these great headphones have to offer! If ever confronted by any issues along the way or struggling for further guidance regarding connection setup for different devices please feel free reach out for assistance from our customer support team who will always happy help out where possible 🙂 Have fun listening!


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