Are you the proud owner of a pair of Beyerdynamic earbuds? If so, you may be wondering how to connect them to your PlayStation 4. Well, we have some good news for you: it’s easier than you might think! Let’s break down the steps. 

Step 1 – Plug in the Audio Cable 

The first step is to plug an audio cable into your Beyerdynamic earbuds and then into your PlayStation 4. This audio cable can be either a 3.5 mm stereo jack or a USB-C cable, depending on the type of earbuds you have. If your PlayStation 4 has both ports available, use the 3.5 mm stereo jack as the USB-C port will provide higher levels of audio quality than what is provided by the standard 3.5 mm port. 

Step 2 – Configure Your Settings 

Once you’ve plugged in your audio cable, open up Settings on your PlayStation 4 console and select “Devices” from the list of options. In this menu, select “Audio Devices” and then look for “Output Device”. Change this setting from “TV or AV amplifier” to “Headphones” so that sound will play through your Beyerdynamic earbuds instead of through your TV speakers or soundbar.  

  Then, look for “Output To Headphones” and change it from “Chat Audio Only” to “All Audio” so that all sound from games and movies will play through your headphones instead of just chat audio from multiplayer games like Fortnite or Call Of Duty. Once these settings are changed, click on “OK” and you should now be able to hear sound coming through your headphones! 

  Finally, if you want to adjust the volume level on your headphones, go back into Settings and select “Volume Control (Headphones)” where you can adjust the volume according to your preference.                                    


With these simple steps, connecting Beyerdynamic earbuds to a Playstation 4 console is easy! All it takes is plugging in an audio cable and making sure that all sound plays through headphones instead of TV speakers or sound bars by changing some settings in the menu on your PS4 console! Now that we’ve gone over how easy it is to connect Beyerdynamic earbuds to a Playstation 4 console, why not give it a try today? Have fun gaming with crisp audio quality!


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