Do you have a pair of Bose earbuds and an Apple TV? If yes, then you can easily connect them and take advantage of the incredible sound that they provide. Connecting your Bose earbuds to your Apple TV is actually quite easy. Let’s take a look at how it all works step-by-step. 

Step 1: Turn on Your Apple TV 

The first step is to turn on your Apple TV. Once it’s powered up, go to the Settings menu and select “Bluetooth” from the list of options. This will display all the Bluetooth devices that are connected to the Apple TV, as well as any available Bluetooth devices in range. 

Step 2: Put Your Bose Earbuds into Pairing Mode 

Once you’ve enabled Bluetooth on your Apple TV, it’s time to put your Bose earbuds into pairing mode. To do this, press and hold the power button for five seconds until the LED light flashes blue. This indicates that your earbuds are ready to be paired with another device. 

Step 3: Connect Your Bose Earbuds 

Now that both devices are ready for pairing, it’s time to connect them! On your Apple TV, select your Bose earbuds from the list of available Bluetooth devices and enter the code displayed on-screen when prompted. The code is usually four digits long and should appear on both your television screen and in the app settings of your paired device (if applicable). Once you have entered this code correctly, the connection process should be complete and you can begin using your Bose earbuds with your Apple TV! 


Connecting a pair of Bose earbuds to an Apple TV may seem like a daunting task at first but it doesn’t have to be! By following these three simple steps—turn on your Apple TV, put your Bose earbuds into pairing mode, and connect them—you can easily enjoy crystal clear audio through your headphones while watching movies or shows on Apple TV. So what are you waiting for? Give it a try today!


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