Bose earbuds are one of the most popular types of headphones on the market. They offer high quality sound and a secure fit for hours of listening pleasure. But how do you go about connecting your Bose earbuds to your computer? Fortunately, it’s a simple process that can be done in just a few steps. 

Step 1: Locate Your Audio Output Port 

The first step is to locate the audio output port on your computer. This port is typically located at the back or side of the machine and is usually labeled “Audio Out” or “Speaker Out”. If you’re unsure where this port is located, consult your user manual or manufacturer website for assistance. 

Step 2: Plug in Your Cable 

Once you have located the audio output port, plug one end of your 3.5mm audio cable into it and then plug the other end into your Bose earbuds. You should hear a clicking sound when the connection is secure. If not, try unplugging and replugging until you hear that click.  

Step 3: Select Your Audio Source 

Now that everything is connected, you will need to select your audio source from within your computer’s settings menu. Most computers have an audio section where you can control which device will be used for playback (e.g., speakers, headphones, etc.). Select your Bose earbuds from this list and make sure the volume level is set appropriately (not too loud!).  

4: Enjoy!Step  

You should now be able to listen to music or any other media through your Bose earbuds! Be sure to adjust the volume levels as necessary so that you don’t damage your ears with overly loud volumes. And if you ever need help with troubleshooting any issues with connecting them, feel free to reach out directly to Bose Support—they are always happy to help! 


Connecting Bose Earbuds to your Computer does not have to be a daunting task! By following these four simple steps – locating your audio output port; plugging in your cable; selecting your audio source; and enjoying – anyone can easily connect their Bose Earbuds quickly and efficiently! Be sure you take proper care of both devices so they last longer—and enjoy all of its great features! Happy Listening!


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