With the release of the iPhone 14, Apple has made strides in its audio technology. If you’re a proud owner of the latest Apple device and are looking to get the most out of your Bose earbuds, you’ll need to know how to connect them with your phone. It’s easier than you might think—so let’s jump right into it! 

Step 1:

Make sure that both your Bose earbuds and iPhone 14 are charged and ready for use. Take a few moments to ensure that both devices have enough power before you start trying to sync them up. 

Step 2:

Open Settings on your iPhone 14, then scroll down until you find “Bluetooth” and select it. Once Bluetooth is on, go back into Settings and look for “Device Connections” or “Connected Devices” (the exact wording may vary depending on which model iPhone 14 you have). This menu will list any currently connected devices as well as any available devices that can be connected. 

Step 3:

Select your Bose earbuds from this list. You should see three options in this submenu—headphones, microphone, and speakers—all of which should be selected in order for full functionality with your earbuds. Once they appear in the list of connected devices, your Bose earbuds will be ready to use with your iPhone 14!  


Connecting your Bose earbuds with an iPhone14 is simple and straightforward once you know what steps to take. Just make sure that both devices are charged and powered on before starting the process, then open up settings on your phone and follow the prompts from there! With just a few clicks, you can take full advantage of all the features provided by both Apple and Bose technologies for an optimal listening experience. Enjoy!


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