So you just got yourself a new pair of HyperX earbuds and you want to get them set up on your iPhone. We’ve got you covered! In this blog post, we’ll walk through the steps of unpacking your earbuds, setting up Bluetooth pairing, and connecting to your device. Let’s get started! 

Unboxing Your HyperX Earbuds 

First things first, let’s unpack your HyperX earbuds. As soon as you open the box, take out the charging case that comes with it. On the back of the case, there’s a USB-C port for charging and a 3.5mm jack for connecting audio cables if needed. Inside the case are two slots where you can place your earbuds when not in use. There should also be several sets of different-sized silicone tips for both ears so that you can find one that fits perfectly in your ear canal. 

Setting Up Bluetooth Pairing 

Next step is to enable Bluetooth pairing on both your phone and your HyperX earbuds. On your phone, simply go into Settings > Bluetooth and make sure it is enabled. Then remove both of the earbuds from their charging case and press and hold both the logo buttons on each one until they enter pairing mode (the LED light next to each logo button will start flashing). Now go back into Settings > Bluetooth on your phone and tap on “HyperX” under “Other Devices” – this will establish a connection between your phone and earbuds.  

Connecting to Your Device 

Now that you have successfully established a connection between your device and HyperX earbuds, it’s time to connect them so that you can start enjoying some music or podcasts! To do this, open up any music or podcast app – like Spotify or Apple Music – on your phone, then press play like normal – but make sure to turn off any other audio output devices (like speakers) before doing this! You should now hear sound coming out of only the HyperX earbuds – congrats! If at any point during this process something doesn’t work properly or sound as expected, feel free to reach out to us via our website for more help troubleshooting. 


Congratulations! Now that everything is all setup correctly, you can enjoy some high quality audio using just your HyperX earbuds! With amazing sound quality combined with their lightweight design and easy setup process, these are definitely some of the best wireless headphones available today – enjoy them while they last! If there’s anything else we can help you out with during this setup process or beyond, don’t hesitate to reach out via our website for more help troubleshooting or answering any questions about features & specs. Happy listening!


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