Bluetooth headphones are the perfect way to take your music and podcasts with you wherever you go. You can connect them quickly and easily to any device, including a MacBook Air. In this article, we’ll show you how to set up your Jabra earbuds so that you can get listening in no time! 

Step 1: Activate Bluetooth on your MacBook Air 

To get started, make sure that the Bluetooth feature is turned on for your MacBook Air. To do this, click on the Apple menu at the top left of your screen and select System Preferences from the drop-down menu. Look for the Bluetooth icon in the row of icons at the top and select it. If it is not already enabled, switch it on by clicking “Turn On Bluetooth” in the window that appears. 

Step 2: Connect Your Earbuds to Your Computer 

Once you have activated Bluetooth on your computer, turn on your Jabra earbuds by pressing and holding down the power button until they are fully powered up. The earbuds will then be discoverable by nearby devices—including your computer—and will appear in a list under “Devices” inBluetooth preferences. Select them and click “Pair” when prompted; after a few moments, they should be connected to your computer!  

Now that they are connected, you can adjust their settings by selecting “Options” next to their name inBluetooth preferences. Here you can adjust things like volume control or audio equalizer settings for optimal sound quality. 


Connecting Jabra earbuds to a MacBook Air is easy and quick! All you need to do is activate Bluetooth on your computer before turning on your earbuds and pairing them together. Once that is done, you can customize their settings inBluetooth preferences for optimal sound quality while listening to music or podcasts! With just these few steps, you’ll be ready to enjoy all of life’s little soundtracks without wires getting in the way!


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