You’ve just purchased a pair of Jabra earbuds and you want to use them with your Xbox One. But how? Don’t worry, connecting your earbuds is easy! With this guide, you will learn how to connect your Jabra earbuds to your Xbox One in no time. 

Step 1: Setup Your Audio Device 

The first step is to setup your audio device. To do this, start by navigating the settings on your Xbox One console. Look for “Devices & Accessories” and select it. Once selected, you should see a list of devices that are connected or ready to be connected. Select the “Audio Devices” option from the list and then choose the “Add New Devices” option at the top of the next menu. Wait for the device scan to finish before moving on to the next step. 

Step 2: Connecting Your Earbuds 

Now it’s time to connect your Jabra earbuds directly into the USB port on your Xbox One console. Once connected, select “USB Headset – Jabra Elite 65t” from the list of detected audio devices and wait for it to be set up successfully. Make sure that when selecting this option, confirm that you are using an external headset (not headphones). This will ensure that all audio signals receive proper sound quality and volume levels when playing games or streaming content from apps like Netflix or Hulu Plus. 

Step 3: Customize Settings (Optional) 

If you want more control over how your Jabra earbuds sound through your Xbox One, you can customize various settings depending on what type of content you are listening too or playing with at any given time. To access these settings, navigate back into “Devices & Accessories” in Settings and select “Audio Devices” again. Select “USB Headset – Jabra Elite 65t” one more time and wait for it to load up completely before making any changes or adjustments in terms of sound quality or volume level preferences.  


Connecting your Jabra earbuds directly into your Xbox One console is not only simple but provides clear sound quality while listening through any content such as music, movies, or video games as well as allows for further customization of sound settings depending on what type of content is being played at any given time – all without having an extra headset plugged in! Follow these steps today and be sure that you’re getting all out of your great new purchase! Enjoy!


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