If you’re like most of us, you’ve just upgraded to the new iPhone 12 and aren’t sure how to pair your Jaybird earbuds. No worries, we’ve got you covered. In this blog post, we will walk you through the simple steps required to connect your Jaybird earbuds with your new device. Read on! 

Step 1: Prepare Your Earbuds and Phone  

Before diving into the pairing process, make sure that both your earbuds and phone are completely charged and powered on. Additionally, ensure both devices are in close proximity to one another as this will help facilitate a smooth connection process.  

Step 2: Open Bluetooth Settings on Your Phone  

Once everything is prepped for pairing, open the Bluetooth settings menu on your iPhone 12 by navigating to ‘Settings > Bluetooth’ from the home screen. This will bring up a list of available devices that you can pair with your phone – including your Jaybird earbuds.  

Step 3: Pair Your Earbuds with Your Phone  

Now it’s time to pair! Select your Jaybird earbuds from the list of available devices in your Bluetooth settings menu. Depending on the model of Jaybird headphones you have, you may be prompted to enter a code or simply press a button on the device itself – go ahead and do so if necessary. After that, just sit back and wait for both devices to sync up – once they do, you’ll know it was successful when “Connected” appears next to the name of your headphones in the list of available devices in Bluetooth settings. Congratulations – now all that’s left is to enjoy rocking out with your brand new device! 


Connecting wireless audio devices such as Jaybird headphones with iPhones can seem daunting at first – especially if you’re upgrading from an older model or just don’t have much experience dealing with technology in general. Fortunately, however, once you break down each step it’s actually quite simple and straightforward. We hope this blog post was helpful for anyone looking for advice about connecting their Jaybirds with their iPhone 12 safely and quickly! Happy listening!


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