If you’re an avid gamer, you know that having the right audio setup can make or break your gaming experience. Whether it’s hearing subtle sound cues or just enjoying a good soundtrack, sound is essential for gaming. Most gamers opt for a headset and while that’s a great choice, some people prefer earbuds. If you own a pair of Jaybird earbuds and want to connect them to your Xbox One, this blog post is for you! Let’s dive in and explore how to get your earbuds connected. 

The Basics of Connection 

First things first—you will need either an adapter or splitter cable depending on the type of connection port your console offers. The Xbox One S has both USB-C and 3.5mm ports while the original Xbox One only has USB ports so if you own the original model, you will need an adapter cable that converts from USB-A to 3.5mm so that your earbuds can plug in. If you have the newer version with both types of ports, then all you need is a 3.5mm splitter cable with two separate outputs (one for headphones, one for microphone). Once you have one of these cables in hand, connecting your Jaybird earbuds to your Xbox One should be fairly straightforward! 

Making the Connection 

Once you have the necessary cables, it’s time to make the connection! Start by plugging one end of the adapter/splitter into the appropriate port on your console (USB-C or USB-A) then plug one end of each individual Jaybird earbud into each output port on the other end of the adapter/splitter cable. Now all that’s left is powering up your console and testing out your audio setup! 


With just a few simple steps, anyone can get their Jaybird earbuds up and running with their Xbox One console – whether they have an old model or new model – using either an adapter or splitter cable (depending on what type of connection port their console offers). This guide should give jaybird owners everything they need to know about setting up their own custom audio solution and getting ready for hours upon hours of gaming fun! Enjoy!


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