Have you recently purchased a Garmin watch and want to know how to connect your JBL earbuds? No problem! With the right instructions, it’s easy to get your wireless earbuds paired with your watch. Let’s take a look at how you can do this in just a few simple steps. 

Step 1:

Turn on Bluetooth on your watch. You can typically find this option in the Settings menu of your Garmin watch. Once you’ve found it, make sure that the Bluetooth toggle is switched on. 

Step 2:

Put your earbuds into pairing mode. To do this, press and hold the power button until you hear a beep sound which indicates that it is now in pairing mode. After that, you should see the name of the device appear on your watch screen as “JBL earbuds” or something similar. 

Step 3:

Select “Pair” when prompted by your watch. This will allow it to connect with your earbuds and complete the pairing process. After they are connected successfully, you should see an icon appear next to the device name indicating that they are now connected. 

Step 4:

Test out audio playback from your watch with the connected JBL earbuds by playing some music or watching a video on YouTube or another streaming service supported by your device. This will let you know if everything is working properly and if there are any issues with connectivity or sound quality that need to be addressed before starting regular use of these headphones with your watch.  


It’s easy to get started using JBL earbuds with a Garmin watch when you know what steps to follow! Just remember to turn on Bluetooth on both devices, put the earbuds into pairing mode, select “Pair” when prompted by the watch, and then test out audio playback from your watch after successful connection has been established between them. With these steps completed, you should have no trouble connecting JBL earbuds and enjoying wireless audio playback from your smartwatch anytime!


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