You recently purchased a pair of JLab earbuds and you’re eager to start using them. But how do you connect them to your computer? It’s a fairly simple process that only takes a few minutes, so let’s dive in. 

Step 1: Plug the Earbud Cable into Your Computer 

The first thing you need to do is plug the earbud cable into your computer. Your earbuds will have a 3.5mm audio jack that plugs into the headphone port on your computer (or laptop). Make sure it is firmly inserted and that there are no loose connections. Once that’s done, move on to the next step. 

Step 2: Adjust Audio Settings 

Once you’ve plugged in your earbuds, the next thing you need to do is adjust the audio settings on your computer. To do this, navigate to “Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Change system sounds” and select “Headphones” from the drop-down menu at the top of the window. This will ensure that all sound from your computer will be routed through your headphones instead of through your computer’s speakers. 

Make sure to also check out any additional audio settings for adjusting volume levels or equalizer settings as needed for optimal sound quality with your JLab earbuds. 

Step 3: Start Listening! 

Congrats! You’ve successfully connected your JLab earbuds to your computer and now it’s time to start listening! Whether you’re jamming out to some tunes or taking part in an important conference call, make sure everything sounds great before getting started with whatever activity you had planned with these new headphones. 


Connecting JLab earbuds isn’t complicated at all—it just requires a few steps! All it takes is plugging in the cable, adjusting audio settings, and ensuring everything sounds great before starting whatever activity you had planned with these new headphones. With these steps completed, it’s time for some well-deserved tunes or video watching without disturbing anyone else around you! Enjoy!


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