It can be frustrating to realize that your new earbuds don’t quite match up with the latest technology of your phone. Maybe you’ve recently purchased a pair of JLab earbuds and were disappointed to find out they weren’t compatible with the newest iPhone 14. But don’t worry—we will show you how to make it work! All you need is a lightning adapter, and we will walk you through each step of connecting your JLab earbuds to your iPhone 14. 

Step 1: Purchase a Lightning Adapter 

The first step in this process is purchasing a lightning adapter. This small device has two ends; one side has a lightning port (the same port used for charging an iPhone) and the other end has the classic 3.5mm headphone jack. These adapters are typically sold at electronic stores or online retailers like Amazon. Once you have acquired an adapter, move on to Step 2. 

Step 2: Plug in the Adapter  

Plug one end of the lightning adapter into your iPhone’s charging port, and then plug your JLab earbuds into the other side of the adapter. If everything works correctly, you should immediately hear sound from your headphones when playing music or videos from your phone!  

Now that you have connected your headphones, let’s look at optimizing sound quality.

Step 3:

Optimize Sound Quality  To optimize sound quality, open Settings on your phone and scroll down until you see “Music & Audio” where there is a section called “Audio Quality & Effects.” In this section, there are two settings; one setting adjusts bass levels while the other setting enables noise canceling features if available on specific headphones models. Adjust both settings as necessary until desired sound quality is reached!  


With these three steps, connecting your JLab earbuds to an iPhone 14 should be easy! All it takes is purchasing a lightning adapter and plugging in both ends of the cord into their respective ports – then adjusting audio settings for optimal sound levels! Now that you know how to connect JLab earbuds to an iPhone 14, all that’s left is enjoying some tunes with crystal clear audio quality! Enjoy!


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