Have you recently purchased a pair of JLab earbuds and want to know how to connect them to your HP laptop? You’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the steps necessary for connecting your headphones so that you can enjoy your favorite tunes or podcasts in no time. 

Step 1: Plug in the Adapter 

Many HP laptops don’t have a headphone jack, so if yours is one of them, you’ll need an adapter. Simply plug the adapter into the USB port on your laptop and then plug your JLab earbuds into the adapter. If you don’t already have an adapter, they are usually pretty inexpensive and can be easily found online.

Step 2 :Select Your Audio Device 

Once your JLab earbuds are plugged into your adapter, it’s time to select them as your audio device. Go to Sound Settings > Output > Select Audio Device and choose ‘JLabs Audio’ from the list of available devices. Once selected, click ‘Apply’ and check if audio is now coming through in both ears. 

Step 3: Adjust Volume Settings 

If audio is only playing out of one ear or too quiet, adjust volume settings by going to Sound Settings > Input/Output Devices > Output Volume > Increase volume until desired level is reached. Once finished adjusting levels, click ‘Apply’ and test again to make sure everything sounds good!  


With just a few simple steps, you can easily connect JLab earbuds to any HP laptop with or without an adapter. Make sure that once connected, select ‘JLabs Audio’ as your sound device under Sound Settings in order for audio playback to begin in both ears at a comfortable level of volume. Enjoy listening!


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