Have you ever bought a pair of beyerdynamic earbuds only to realize that they are only connecting to one side (the right side) of your device? You’re not alone. Many people have this same issue and the good news is, it’s a pretty easy fix. Let’s look at how to get your left beyerdynamic earbud to work so you can enjoy the full sound experience these earbuds have to offer. 

1. Check Your Audio Settings 

The first step in connecting your left beyerdynamic earbud is to make sure that your audio settings are correct. This may seem obvious, but it’s often overlooked because it seems too simple. To check this, open the settings menu on your device and navigate to the audio tab. Make sure that both speakers are active and if not, activate them by checking the corresponding box under each speaker option. 

2. Verify That Your Device Is Compatible 

Another thing you should do is verify that your device is actually compatible with the headset you purchased. If not, then no matter what you do, the left earbud will never connect properly as there is an incompatibility issue between your device and the headset itself. Keep in mind that some older versions of headsets may not be compatible with newer devices due to changes in technology over time, so make sure you double check compatibility before moving forward with any troubleshooting steps.

3. Check The Connectivity Of Your Earbuds 

Once you’ve determined that both speakers are active and verified compatibility between your device and headset, it’s time to check the actual connection between the two devices themselves. Make sure that both earbuds are securely connected into their respective ports on either side of your device—if either one isn’t firmly in place then it won’t receive any sound from its source even if both speakers are active and compatible with one another.  Additionally, make sure that neither port has any dust or debris blocking it as this can interfere with proper sound transmission as well.  

4. Reset The Headset And Try Again 

If all else fails then try resetting your headset by disconnecting it from its source and reconnecting after a few minutes of waiting time has passed by doing so this should clear up any confusion or technical issues preventing connection between both sides of the headset and allowing them both to function properly once again!  


It’s frustrating when something doesn’t work right away- especially when we’re talking about something like headphones or earphones because they should just work- but thankfully most issues can be resolved easily if we follow a few simple steps! By checking our audio settings, verifying compatibility between our devices, checking connectivity between our headphones/earphones and their respective ports on our devices’s sides, and resetting our headsets if necessary- we can get back to enjoying our music without skipping a beat! So take these tips into consideration when troubleshooting any connectivity issues with your beyerdynamic earbuds – whether it’s for just one side or for all sides! – next time to save yourself some frustration in getting them working correctly again! Good luck!


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