Blog Introduction: Logitech earbuds are designed for high-quality sound and an immersive listening experience. And with their Bluetooth capability, you can easily pair them with a variety of apps, from music streaming services to language learning programs. But before you start using your earbuds, you need to make sure they’re properly connected to the app. Here’s how to do it. 

Step One: Make Sure Your Earbuds Are Powered On and In Pairing Mode 

Before connecting your Logitech earbuds to the app, make sure they’ve been powered on for at least 3 seconds and that they’re in pairing mode. To put them in pairing mode, press and hold the power button for 5 seconds until the LED light starts flashing blue and red alternately. Once this happens, your earbuds are ready to be connected! 

Step Two: Enable Bluetooth On Your Device 

To connect your earbuds to an app, you need to first enable Bluetooth connectivity on your device. This will allow the device and the earbuds to recognize each other and create a connection between them. To do this, go into your device settings, find the “Bluetooth” option, and turn it on. Once you have done this step successfully, move onto the next one!  

Step Three: Search For and Select The Logitech Ear Buds 

Now that both devices are enabled for Bluetooth connectivity, all you need to do is search for and select your Logitech ear buds from within the app. To do this open up the app of choice (e.g., Spotify or Apple Music) and then select “Search for Devices” in its Settings menu or under its Connection tab (depending on which app you’re using). From there, wait a few moments until “Logitech Ear Buds” appears as one of the available devices—select it when it does!  


And just like that—your Logitech ear buds should now be connected with the app of choice! Now all you have left to do is enjoy all those sweet tunes or dive deep into some languages studies; whichever one suits your fancy best! We hope that this guide has helped make connecting your Logitech ear buds easier than ever before—happy listening!

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