Listening to music or video calls through earbuds is a convenient and private way to enjoy your favorite audio. But when you have a new phone, such as the iPhone 11, how do you go about connecting your Plantronics earbuds? Don’t worry; it’s not as hard as it seems! Read on for a comprehensive guide on how to connect your Plantronics earbuds to your iPhone 11. 

Step 1:

Put your Plantronics earbuds in pairing mode by pressing the power button until the LED light flashes blue and red. This signals that it’s ready for pairing. 

Step 2:

Open up the Bluetooth settings menu on your iPhone 11. When searching for devices, you should see “Plantronics [Device Name]” in the list of available devices. Tap on it to pair with your phone. 

Step 3:

Once connected, you can start listening to music or make video calls through your Plantronics earbuds. You may need to adjust the volume levels and sound quality of your device before you start using them.  To do this, open up Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual > Headphone Adjustment and select “Plantronics [Device Name]” from the list of available headphones. Here, you can customize equalizer presets or manually adjust levels like treble, bass, and more for an optimal experience.

Final Step (Optional):

If you want to quickly access all of the audio settings associated with your Plantronics device without having to go through multiple menus, consider downloading the app from Apple App Store called “Plantronics Audio Toolbox” . This app allows you quickly adjust sound settings like equalizer presets or manually adjust sound levels like treble and bass directly from within the app itself.  Additionally, it also provides helpful tips and troubleshooting advice if ever needed in case something goes wrong with pairing or other audio-related issues arise down the line.  


With these steps, you should be able to connect your Plantronics earbuds with ease! Connecting them does take some time but once done correctly they will provide an amazing listening experience with crystal clear sound quality every time you use them! Plus if ever needed there are helpful apps like “Plantronic Audio Toolbox” that can help enhance user experience and offer troubleshooting advice if needed so feel free to give them a try as well! Good luck and happy listening!


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