If you own a pair of Sennheiser earbuds, you know how great they sound. But what if you want to listen to music or watch a movie on your Chromebook? You don’t have to settle for the laptop’s built-in speakers when you can easily connect your earbuds and enjoy all the sound quality Sennheiser has to offer. Read on to learn how! 

Step 1: Plug in the 3.5mm Jack 

The first step is simple—just plug in one end of the 3.5mm jack into your Sennheiser earbuds and the other end into your Chromebook. That’s it! Your earbuds should now be connected and ready for use. 

Step 2: Open Audio Settings 

Next, open up your Chromebook’s audio settings which are located in the bottom-right corner of your screen and look for the icon that looks like a speaker with sound waves coming out of it. Click on this icon, and then select “Audio Settings” from the menu that appears. 

Step 3: Change Audio Output Device 

On this page, look for a drop-down menu labeled “Output Device” where you can select which device will be used as the audio output for your computer. Select “Sennheiser Earbuds” from this list, and then click “Apply Changes” at the bottom right corner of the window. That’s it! You should now be able to hear sound coming through your earbuds instead of your laptop speakers.  


Connecting Sennheiser earbuds to your Chromebook is quick and easy! All you need is a 3.5mm jack and access to your audio settings. Simply plug in one end of the jack into your earbuds and then select “Sennheiser Earbuds” as your output device in audio settings – it only takes a few seconds! Now you can enjoy all of Sennheiser’s high-quality sound without worrying about poor laptop speakers getting in the way. Enjoy!

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