You just purchased a new set of Sennheiser earbuds, and you’re eager to pair them with your iPhone 8. Whether you’re looking forward to listening to some music on your daily commute or taking calls on the go, connecting your Sennheiser earbuds to an iPhone 8 is relatively easy. Let’s walk through how to do it. 

Step 1: Locate Your Earbud Charging Case 

The first step in connecting your earbuds is locating the charging case they came in when you purchased them. This case should have a small light on the front that will indicate whether or not the case is charging. If the light is red, then the case needs to be charged. Once the light turns green, it indicates that the case has been fully charged and is ready for use. 

Step 2: Pair Your Earbuds With Your Device 

Once your earbud charging case has been fully charged, open up the lid and press down on both of the earbud buttons at the same time until one of them flashes blue (this indicates that they are now ready to be paired). On your iPhone 8, locate Bluetooth in your settings menu and select it from there. Find ‘Sennheiser’ in available devices list and select it from there as well (you may need to enter a code if prompted). The pairing should now be complete; if done correctly, you should see both of your Sennheiser earbuds listed as connected devices under Bluetooth.  

Step 3: Test Your Connection  

 Now that you have completed pairing your Sennheiser earbuds with your device, make sure that everything is working correctly by testing out a few songs or making a call with someone else who also owns an iPhone 8 (if applicable). This will ensure that you can hear sound coming through both of your buds and that everything has been connected properly between both devices. 


That’s all there is to it! By following these three steps, you have successfully connected your Sennheiser earbuds with an iPhone 8 device! Now you are free to enjoy listening to music or making calls while on-the-go without having any pesky wires getting in the way! We hope this article was helpful for any sennheiser owner intending to connect their new set of earbuds with their device—happy listening!


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