If you’ve recently purchased a pair of Skullcandy earbuds XM3s, you might be wondering how to connect them to your device. Whether it’s an iPhone, Android device, or laptop, connecting the XM3s is easy and only takes a few steps. Here’s what you need to know about connecting your new set of earbuds. 

Step One: Turn on Bluetooth Connection 

First things first, make sure that the Bluetooth connection on your device is turned on. On an iPhone this can be done by swiping down from the top right corner and tapping the Bluetooth button. For Android devices, go into settings and turn on Bluetooth there. Once you have the connection enabled, move onto step two. 

Step Two: Activate Pairing Mode 

The next step is to activate pairing mode for your earbuds. This can be done by holding down both buttons on the remote at once for five seconds until both LEDs start flashing blue and red simultaneously (the left LED will flash blue and red while the right LED will flash blue). Your earbuds are now in pairing mode and ready to be connected with your device.  

Step Three: Connect to Device 

The final step is to connect your earbuds with whatever device you are using – whether it’s a phone, tablet, or laptop – just look for “Skullcandy XM3” in your list of available Bluetooth connections and select it when it appears. That’s all there is too it! You should now be able to listen to music through your new set of headphones. 

If these instructions don’t solve the problem for you, reach out directly to Skullcandy’s customer service team as they may have additional tips for getting up and running quickly!  


Connecting a pair of Skullcandy Earbuds XM3s is simple if you know what steps to take. First make sure that your device has its Bluetooth connection turned on; then activate pairing mode on the headphones; finally connect them with whatever device you are using (iPhone, Android phone, laptop etc.). With just three simple steps you can easily get up and running with no problems at all! If any issues arise during setup however don’t hesitate to contact Skullcandy’s customer service team for further assistance. Enjoy listening!

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