Do you have a pair of Sony earbuds and a Sony TV that you want to connect? It is easier than you think! In this blog post, we will walk you through the steps of connecting your Sony earbuds to your Sony TV. We will cover how to do this with both wired and wireless headphones and give some troubleshooting tips if there are any issues. So grab your earbuds, let’s get started! 

Wired Headphones 

The first step for connecting wired headphones is to connect the headphone jack from your earbuds into the “headphone” port on your Sony TV. This port should be located on the side or back of the TV depending on model. Next, turn up the volume on both your earbuds and your television until you can hear sound coming through them. If there is no sound coming through, try adjusting the settings on your television until it works properly. 

Wireless Headphones 

Connecting wireless headphones is a bit more complicated than wired headphones but still very simple overall. First, make sure that both the television and headphones are turned on and within range of each other. Next, press the pairing button on both devices (for most models this will be located near where you plug in the power cord). When they have connected successfully, there should be an indication light or message displayed on either or both screens. Once this has happened, adjust the volume as necessary so that you can hear sound through them properly. 


Connecting headphones to a television can seem like a daunting task but with these simple steps it really doesn’t have to be! Whether you are using wired or wireless headphones with a Sony TV, it only takes a few minutes and a bit of patience for everything to work correctly. We hope this guide helps make connecting your devices easier so that you can get back to enjoying whatever it is that you’re watching sooner rather than later! Good luck!


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