If you’re an avid runner who loves listening to music on the go, then you know how important it is to have headphones that stay securely in your ears and don’t get in the way of your run. That’s why so many runners turn to HyperX earbuds – they provide excellent sound quality and fit comfortably in your ears. But what if you want to listen to music from your Garmin watch? We’re here to help – let’s take a look at how to easily connect your HyperX earbuds to your Garmin watch. 

Step One: Download the Connect IQ App 

The first step is downloading the Connect IQ app onto both your Garmin watch and mobile device. Open up the app store on both devices, search for “Connect IQ,” and click “Install” or “Download” when prompted. Once the app is downloaded, open it up on both devices and follow any instructions given by the app. 

Step Two: Pair Your Devices 

Once you have downloaded the Connect IQ app on both devices, you can begin pairing them together. On your mobile device, open up Bluetooth settings and make sure it is turned on. Now open up the Connect IQ app on both devices – this will allow them to find each other and start connecting automatically. If everything goes as planned, you should see a message appear saying that the two devices are now paired together.  

Step Three: Sync Your Music Library 

Now that your devices are paired together, you can start syncing data between them – including music! Open up the Connect IQ app on both devices again, navigate to where it says “Music Sync,” and click “Sync Now” when prompted. This will transfer all of your music from one device to another – giving you easy access to all of your favorite tunes right from your Garmin watch!  


With just a few quick steps, you can easily connect HyperX earbuds with a Garmin watch! All you need is the Connect IQ app installed on both devices and they will pair automatically once opened – making it easier than ever before for runners who love listening to their favorite beats while running or working out! So go ahead – grab those HyperX earbuds and get running!


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