If you’re looking for a way to experience your music and entertainment on your Amazon Fire tablet, then look no further than connecting your Sennheiser headphones. This guide will take you through the necessary steps to get your headphones up and running in no time. 

Step One: Plug in Your Adapter 

The first step is plugging in your adapter that came with your Sennheiser headphones. The adapter has two sides, one for the 3.5mm audio jack of the headphone cable and one for a USB port. Plug the USB end of the adapter into an available USB port on your Amazon Fire tablet, and then plug the 3.5mm audio jack into the headphone cable.  

Step Two: Turn On Bluetooth 

The next step is turning on Bluetooth on both devices so they can communicate with each other. To do this, open Settings on your Amazon Fire tablet and select “Connected Devices” then “Bluetooth & Other Devices”. Make sure that Bluetooth is switched “On” before moving onto Step Three. 

Step Three: Pairing Devices 

Now it’s time to pair both devices together so they can communicate with each other over Bluetooth. Start by pressing and holding down the power button on the side of your Sennheiser headphones until you see a blue light flashing from both earcups (this indicates that Bluetooth mode is activated). Then go back to Settings > Connected Devices > Bluetooth & Other devices on your Amazon Fire tablet, where you should now see an entry for “Sennheiser Headphones” listed as one of the available Bluetooth devices within range of your device. Select this entry to begin pairing both devices together. 


Once you have successfully paired both devices together via their respective settings menus, you are ready to start listening! With just a few simple steps, you can now enjoy all of the music, movies, podcasts or games stored on your Amazon Fire tablet with superior sound quality delivered by your Sennheiser headphones! All that’s left now is to sit back and enjoy!


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